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Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
, healthy meals delivered across much of san francisco in a matter of minutes. >> yeah. abc 7's jonathan bloom explains how they do it. >> reporter: steven sea works long hours at a startup. that means no stopping for dinner. >> the one chicken for you -- >> yep. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, this would have been pizza. now -- >> some chicken? with the sauce -- >> reporter: steven stuffing his face with something that's healthy. >> nothing overcooked or anything. >> reporter: it just so happens steven shares an office with sprig, and he's one of their first customers. sprig is dinner on demand. it's an iphone app where you push a button and a healthy meal shows up, usually in about 20 minutes. >> hi. >> thisr you today -- >> reporter: the magic doesn't start when you push the button. it actually started hours earlier when they took a vacuum sealed bag of ingredients and put it into a steaming hot bath of water. in order to change the way your food gets to you, they had to change the way they cook it. >> here's the vacuum serial. >> reporter: nate kellar is the executive chef. he learned
Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
his wife. and smith's daughter amber and her fiancee, jonathan norton. >> the concern is that they've surviveed and may be injured but they're having to survive in ten degree weather at night time. possibly with snow coming down. and no way to keep warm. >> command staff will meet tonight to decide the status of the search tomorrow. vic lee abc7 news. >> police investigating a possible kidnapping caught on surveillance video. take a look. a bus driver pulled up last night around 6:00. a woman appeared to be trying to board the bus. a man pulled her awachl the driver called 911. by the time police arrived they couldn't find the people. police are asking for anyone who knows the man or woman in this video to contact the police department. >> i want to show you video. a fremont police hope you can capture a crook caught on video. detectives posted this on you tube showing a man going through a drawer on eggers drive. happening to be looking for stuff to steal in front of 12 of surveillance cameras little did he know. the break in happened around 12:30 saturday afternoon. police have
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
a boost from two of the influential names in tech. here is abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. when mike goes over trouble spots, take a rubber stylus, equalling a classroom full of kids paying attention. >> this engages kids. you can see their eyes open. when seeing this on the big screen >> these kids are digital natives and this is their world. >> but never mind ipads. one of the important ingredients is one you can't see. a blazingly fast internet connection. a luxury half of the schoolses in the county don't have. >> they have 500 in the case of this school over 800 kids. >> even is the head of the education super highway. out to change that with serious hip help. >> i think what they've realized is that we're at a tipping point now. >> marchwell envisions a world where dozen was stream individual yeet once using world events as teachable moments but the super highway has to find which schools need an upgrade, connect with grand money and give help spending it in the best way possible. saying investing is good for silicon valley. >> if they're going to have the work force we need to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3